1. ASCA Level 2

  2. Blairwood SwimAmerica Instructor and Coach

  3. Blairwood LSA Division 1 Championship Coach

  4. Blairwood Premier Level Coach

  5. Georgia Swim Academy Instructor and Coach under Coach Tom Frankel (ASCA Level 4)

• The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  1. Valdosta State University

  2. West Georgia Technical College

Favorite Stroke

What I love most about swimming is that it is a non-contact, low-impact team sport that allows you to stay fit while becoming a better person, whether you’re young or old. Swimming is a life-long sport!

My favorite thing about being on a swim team is challenging myself and being challenged by others. The fruit of hard work is never disappointing.

The best thing about being a swim coach is seeing swimmers succeed as they strive to overcome challenges, some of which they never thought were possible. As a coach, I’ve also learned that the old saying is true: the best way to learn is to teach!


                    - Clay